Hijama Portable Vacuum Suction Cupping Therapy Kit

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Use a high-quality Vacuum Suction cupping therapy kit to safely execute gua sha scraping and cupping massages without leaving your home! Benefit from letting go of discomfort and muscle tension. We have three different devices. You can pick whichever one you want.


  • Made of AS high strength material.
  • Anti-extrusion and collision resistant.
  • Eco friendly product.
  • The cups are clear, convenient for observation.
  • U-shaped strong cups that fit on any joints and unevenness on skin.


  • Shelf Life: 3 years.
  • Function: Cupping
  • Material: Plastic and glass.
  • Set: 12 cups.
  • Diameter of cups: 66mm, 58mm, 51mm, 44mm, 34mm, 30mm

How it works

It is used air evacuated technique which absorbs the cupping apparatus on body surface and reduces the pain from your body.


  • It is convenient to carry and clean.
  • The lightweight, compact and professional cupping device is the best gift for your relatives, friends, and lovers on special days!
  • Decrease deep pain.
  • Release bad chemical and impurities.
  • Heal muscles soreness.
  • Relax muscles and body.

How to Use

Connect the cups with the suction gun and put it on your body surface. Then using the gun make the air out by pulling the gun. After 10-15 minutes, you can pull up piston to finish usage.

Note: After use it there will be circle mark. But don't worry. Those will go away within 20 days based on the color mark. Don't use any other cream or chemical to remove marks.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Cupping therapy set.
Hijama Portable Vacuum Suction Cupping Therapy Kit

Hijama Portable Vacuum Suction Cupping Therapy Kit

$30.00 $20.00

Hijama Portable Vacuum Suction Cupping Therapy Kit

$30.00 $20.00

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